Austintown Cinema Party Room Packages

Private Room (Click HERE for a picture)


Ages 3 to 12:

  • Movie ticket
  • Reserved seating in the theater
  • Use of our Party Room for one hour before or one hour after the movie
  • Movie Pack for the movie – Includes: Movie Pack Candy, Popcorn and a Junior Drink
  • $14.50 Per Child
  • Tuesday (Discount Day) – $13.00 Per Child

Ages 13 & Older: (Or Accompanying Adult)

  • Movie ticket
  • Reserved seating in the theater
  • Use of our Party Room for one hour before or one hour after the movie
  • Adult small drink and small popcorn
  • Matinee – $20.25 Per Person (Includes: Small drink & Small popcorn)
  • Evening – $23.00 Per Person (Includes: Small drink & Small popcorn)
  • Tuesday (Discount Day) – $18.00 Per Person (Includes: Small drink and Small popcorn)

Accompanying Adult:

  • Movie ticket
  • Reserved seating in the theater
  • Matinee – $8.25 Per Person
  • Evening – $11.00 Per Person
  • Tuesday – $6.00 Per Person

* Please note: All 3D movies will be subject to an additional $2.00 surcharge.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Pitcher of Beverage – $5.25. (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Cherry Pepsi, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Tropicana Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, and Brisk Iced Tea Sweet Tea)

Austintown Cinema Party Room Policies:

  • Groups must have a minimum of 10 people/packages for a birthday party reservation.
  • One adult must accompany the party at all times.
  • Our party room has a maximum capacity of 20 people.
  • Reservations must be made at least 2 days, 48 hours, in advance.
  • Birthday Parties are taken based on availability.
  • Party is welcome to bring pizza, birthday cake, etc. to be eaten in Party Room only. (Plates, tablecloth, and flatware are not provided.)
  • A $60.00 deposit is required at the time of reservation. (This will hold your date.)
  • Any birthday reservation may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival with a full refund of deposit.
  • Cancellations after 48 hours prior to arrival will forfeit the deposit.

Party Room Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I call to book a birthday party?

  • Call (330) 953-3436 and ask for management.

Is there a minimum number required to book a birthday party?

  • We require a minimum of 10 people, which may include children and parents. Parents may stay and see the movie, but they must pay the “per person fee” (rates shown above) which includes their ticket and concessions.

How can I guarantee the movie I want will still be playing for the date I choose?

  • When you book your birthday party, we will discuss which movies should be available on your day. In most cases, if the movie is new, it will be showing for several weeks so there are many opportunities to see it. If the movie is getting ready to leave our theater, we will work with you. We have often held a movie over a week to accommodate a group booking.

I don’t really plan on paying for the invitee’s parents and siblings to see a movie, but I think they’re going to want to stay. What should I do?

  • Every person who sees the movie must pay for a ticket. We recommend that you write on the invitations, “Parents and siblings are welcome to stay. The price would be the “per person fee” (listed above) and this includes the movie and concessions.” That way they will know what to expect.

I’m not sure how many people are coming. Do I need to call you back once I have a final count if it’s different than my original booking?

  • No, not if it’s only a couple of kids. We only need to know of a change in your total number if it is a significant addition.

What if I have 10 coming to meet the minimum, but then one gets sick and can’t come, do I have to cancel?

  • No, you don’t need to cancel. All we ask is that you pay for the child(ren) to keep the number of participants at the minimum of 10. The other children shouldn’t have to miss out on having the birthday at the theater just because one of their group couldn’t come.

Do I pay for the number of people I estimate will attend or the final number of guests?

  • You are only charged for the number of guests who attend the party. Your original booking number is simply an estimate, and we understand that.

How much notice do you need if I have to cancel?

  • We just ask that you let us know 48 hours ahead of the birthday booking. You will not be charged as long as we know in this time that you will not be coming. However, if we do not hear from you and have the room ready for you on the proposed date and you do not show, we will need to charge you the minimum room rental and fee.
    Just talk to us, and we will work with you in all circumstances.

Can we have a tour of the theater during our birthday party?

  • Yes, you can! We suggest that you do this after the gifts and cake, prior to getting your concessions and watching the movie. We will show you the theaters and the projection booth and give the children (and parents, they are usually impressed too!) a brief rundown on how a movie theater works. This is just a short tour of about 10-15 minutes total duration. Don’t forget to allow for that time when letting parents know when to pick up their children after the movie.

When should I book my party – how far in advance?

  • We suggest that you book your party one month in advance to ensure you have the date you prefer. This is a suggestion only, and we will book parties with only two to three days notice, subject to availability.

What time should I tell parents to pick up their child?

  • We suggest that you allot two hours for the movie length. Actual run times of specific films are usually known a few days before the film opens at the theater, and we can let you know this. If you then add the time you will spend on cake and presents, and theater tour if booked, normal time will then be between 2 and a half to 3 hours from start to finish. This is a safe estimate that will have parents arriving either just on time or early. Parents are welcome to wait outside the theater or in the lobby.

Who will watch our presents and personal items during the movie?

  • Austintown Cinema is not responsible for personal items. We would recommend for safety that you remove all valuables from the room or lobby area before going into the movie. However, at your request we can lock the party room during the duration of the movie.

Can we bring outside food into our party?

  • Yes, you can bring all the normal birthday fare. We only ask that you only consume the food in the birthday room and not in our auditoriums.

Do I have to clean up the room or area?

  • No, that is our job! The benefit of organizing a birthday party at our theater is that they are considerably easier to organize than most parties and involve no clean up (other than what you choose to take with you), no hassle, and we offer you the added benefit of having your own private party room or area that’s conveniently not in your home.